mum 2 be with bike is the UK’s only recruitment company specialising solely in maternity cover. With over 25 years recruitment experience, we combine a sophisticated system of client/candidate response matching, social media and new technology to provide the highest calibre of candidate within…

‘This service will really help mums, mums-to-be, and their companies make the transition smooth. Everyone wins. Working mums have very busy lives and this is one way to help support them.’

‘Maternity leave has been seen as ‘the elephant in the room’ with firms feeling they cannot discuss it with employees. But this new service will make the process easier and benefit bosses and mums-to-be. Like all the best ideas, it’s so simple and working mums will feel it helps take the weight of worrying about work off their shoulders.’

‘Many women worry, or feel guilty, about taking maternity leave from their career and the impact it can have on their progression. provides peace of mind and reassurance so your role can continue smoothly. It’s been a long time coming!’

‘If you’re fed up with maternity leave being portrayed as a giant headache for businesses and lots of bickering among employees, this is the antidote: creative, cooperative, original solutions that turn maternity leave into an opportunity not a threat. And not just an opportunity to have a baby….’