About us

Experience, Quality and Care

Experience, because we’ve come from a recruitment background with over 25 years in the business – a proven track record in
 delivering the best in human resources.
Quality, because we are judged by our clients and partners as always delivering, on time and on budget.
And care, because we care about the mothers-to-be having a great start to their maternity leave, and the employer getting the best possible replacement for the maternity cover.

maternitycover.com employs a proven style of recruitment that integrates database assessment, client and candidate response-matching and sophisticated social networking.
We work in a socially responsible way to ensure that the best interests of the client and candidate are always treated with maximum care. What matters to us is trust, reliability and matching the right person to the position for everyone’s benefit.
We are a team of highly-skilled individuals in resourcing with one overriding aim: to deliver the best support to businesses in finding short-term cover.


Handling change is what we do best. Our experience means you can make the right decisions for your business. And we go the extra mile in terms of care, commitment and consideration for everyone involved. Let our expertise deliver the best every time.
– Effective, innovative and wide-ranging candidate search mechanisms
– Since 2012 we’ve been leading the way in human resources  and recruitment
– Our skilled and experienced team will ensure that your business continues to run smoothly.