Mums-to-be can earn up to £1000 in high street vouchers when they help find their maternity cover

When you find out you’re pregnant it can be a wonderful time in your life but also the most life-changing. The excitement you feel surrounding your new arrival will be ensconced with other important factors such as your ongoing employment, pay and position. At we care about the mum-to-be and ultimately her return to work and strive to fill her role with a suitably qualified candidate which will result in a smooth transition at both ends of the placement. This is coupled with the fact that we offer you, the expectant mother, up to £1,000* in high street vouchers on completion of the recruitment process. So how does it work?

Firstly, when you contact us you will be speaking to one of our friendly and experienced consultants who will talk you through the process. Typically, you will be asked about your due date, the date you would like your maternity leave to commence and the period of leave you intend to take. Prior to any introduction to your employer we would also like to discuss your job specification, including salary and the ideal skill set of the person YOU would like to fill your role during your temporary absence. Once you feel comfortable that we are the right organisation to find your replacement we will send you and your employer details of our voucher scheme and our terms of business.

Once engaged, we will finalise the job specification with your employer and begin our search. We will create a shortlist of five candidates for initial consideration meaning only the most relevant and adequately skilled people are put forward. 

During the offer process a start date and hand-over period will be agreed which will allow time for the necessary training. Unlike most other recruitment companies, we also offer a replacement candidate during the first 3 months of the assignment without further charge.

Once the candidate has started in the role we will send you the vouchers within 14 days.

Please contact us on 020 7099 1800 or via our contact form here

* value of vouchers dependant on your temporary cover’s remuneration and period of cover, minimum voucher payment £250 – maximum voucher payment £1000 paid for exclusive roles with salary at least £37,500 per annum.

PS – if you’re taking Adoption Leave broadly the same rules apply and you’ll also receive the same level of voucher from us if we’re engaged by your employer to find your cover.